Are You Ready to Kick Start You Bookkeeping Practice with QuickBooks Online?

If you've been struggling to get your bookkeeping practice off the ground then...

It's time for a Kick Start.

Building a successful bookkeeping practice isn't easy.

I started my practice in 2009 with a CPA and years of experience in the accounting industry. But, I had no clue how to start a bookkeeping practice. I felt alone and stressed over every move.

I've been where you are now. I know what it is like. And, that is why I created this course.

My Kick Start course will guide you to develop a practice of your dreams and learn how to use QuickBooks Online as a tool to deliver profitable bookkeeping services to your clients.


Is This You?

  • You understand bookkeeping and accounting, but you need help building a bookkeeping practice
  • You are new to QuickBooks Online and want to learn how to use it as a tool to provide stellar services to your clients
  • You want a work-life balance but you also want to be profitable
  • You don't know what types of bookkeeping services you want to provide and how to package them for your clients
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Kick Start Your Bookkeeping Practice with QuickBooks Online is an 8-week online course that will help you launch the bookkeeping practice of your dreams.

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Imagine how your life would change if you could Kick Start Your Bookkeeping Practice.


  • Worrying about every business decision you make and unsure of what your next step should be
  • Scared you'll lose money on clients with bad pricing and scope creep
  • Waste time in QuickBooks Online doing things the long and complicated way
  • Let clients take over your life destroying your well-being
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  • Build a bookkeeping practice doing what YOU want to do
  • Make a profit doing what you love
  • Control who you work with and when
  • Help small businesses succeed because you know exactly how to help them
  • Have full control of your future

Introducing Kick Start Your Bookkeeping Practice WithQuickBooks Online.

Kick Start Your Bookkeeping Practice with QuickBooks Online is an 8-week online course, Starting August 9, 2021, that will give you the tools to build the bookkeeping practice of your dreams.

You'll discover what type of practice will best fit you. You'll learn how to use QuickBooks Online to profitably deliver bookkeeping services to your clients. And, you'll learn how to manage all the client work with ease.

This isn’t another “get rich quick” course. This is a kick start to your bookkeeping practice. You’ve brought the bookkeeping knowledge to the table and now you are ready to turn that into a profitable practice. This course is the path to get you there.

What's included?

Over 10 hours of easy to follow videos

Tons of helpful templates & worksheets

Live office hour sessions for Q&A

Opportunities to connect with your peers within the course

Lifetime access to the course — including all future updates

And many more surprises along the way!

Here's what you'll learn.

01 Becoming a Virtual Bookkeeper

02 Customizing QuickBooks Online with Company Settings

03 The Ins and Outs of Bank Feeds

04 The Expense Workflow in QuickBooks Online

05 The Sales Workflow in QuickBooks Online

06 Reporting in QuickBooks Online

07 Month End

08 Client Management

Becoming a Virtual Bookkeeper

You’ll learn what typical virtual bookkeepers do and the types of services they provide. Then, you’ll go through the steps to decide the type of practice YOU want to build.

Customizing QuickBooks Online with Company Settings

You'll learn how to customize QuickBooks Online so that you can leverage the right tools for you and your client. You'll learn when to use certain company settings and which ones to avoid them to make sure you aren't wasting valuable time doing the bookkeeping work.

The Ins and Outs of Bank Feeds

The bank feed is the #1 cause for bookkeeping mistakes in QuickBooks Online. In this lesson, you'll learn all of the nuances of the bank feeds, how to stay out of trouble, and how to fix your client's mistakes.

The Expense Workflow in QuickBooks Online

You'll learn the proper expense workflows for different types of transactions in QuickBooks Online. You'll learn how to assist your clients with bill pay, manage vendors, deal with 1099s, and troubleshoot common expense-related issues.

The Sales Workflow in QuickBooks Online

In this lesson, you'll learn the sales workflow from beginning to end and how profitable it can be for your practice. You'll learn about all of the different revenue-related features available in QuickBooks Online to help you support almost any situation.

Reporting in QuickBooks Online

Do you want to be a reporting rockstar? This lesson will give you a clear understanding of how the reports are generated in QuickBooks Online and the customization available so you'll be able to unlock the true power of QBO's reporting.

Month End

In this lesson, you'll learn my month-end process, which goes far beyond just bank reconciliations, and what steps to take to make sure you are accounting for everything.

Client Management

You'll learn how to set boundaries with clients, stay ahead of things, and plan your work properly. And, you'll also learn how to effectively communicate with your clients in almost any situation.

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You'll Also Get These Bonuses

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Setting Up "Your Practice" in QuickBooks Online

*Available upon enrollment*

Bonus #2

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The Bookkeeper's Marketing Plan

Bonus #3


Building Budgets for Your Clients

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Meet your teacher.


Hey there! I'm Cathy.

When you purchase Kick Start Your Bookkeeping Practice with QuickBooks Online, you don't just get an online course, you also get the best of ME.

I am personally invested in your success because I know what it is like to face all the struggles when kickstarting your bookkeeping practice.

I've had my own bookkeeping practice for over 12 years. I've lived through all the struggles and mistakes people can have when building their practice. And, I finally figured out how to do it easily and profitably.

I have been an expert in QuickBooks Online since 2010 and even helped develop the first Advanced QBO ProAdvisor Certification.

I have mentored the bookkeeping community through my Master Courses, Facebook group, Podcast, Webinars, and more since 2013.

And, now I'm ready to help YOU kick start your practice!


You have no reason to worry with my money back guarantee.

I have a 7 day NO HASSLE refund policy. If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, just email me within 7 days for a full refund.

No refunds are provided after the first 7 days.

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