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How to Customize Invoices in QuickBooks Online

By Cathy Iconis | October 20, 2021

[fsn_row][fsn_column width=”12″][fsn_text] It may seem overwhelming to figure out the best way to customize your invoices in QuickBooks Online. But, once you get a basic understanding of what is available and where you make the changes, then you should be good to go. Where to Go to Customize Your Invoices in QuickBooks Online First, you…

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5 Tips to Make Cleanup Projects Easier

By Cathy Iconis | May 20, 2020

Cleanup projects don’t have to be overwhelming. And, these 5 tips to make cleanup projects easier will get you on the right path.

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Top 1099 Errors Made in QuickBooks

By Cathy Iconis | January 8, 2020

It’s 1099 season and there are a few more days until the deadline, January 31st. I keep seeing some of these common errors made in QuickBooks Online when it comes to 1099s. Here are some things to look out for: #1 Make sure your vendor is listed as a vendor I’ve seen several occasions where a…

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QuickBooks’ Create Button Has Moved

By Cathy Iconis | December 3, 2019

Yes! The Quick Create button has moved in QuickBooks Online. You are NOT losing it. It has moved from the top-right to the left-hand navigation. Here’s a quick video to show you. 

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Excel Tips to Make Viewing QuickBooks Reports Easier

By Cathy Iconis | September 26, 2019

Do you get annoyed with how reports show in Excel? That tiny print? Odd formatting? Well, here are some tips to make viewing QuickBooks Reports easier in Excel.

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Reconciliations in QuickBooks Online

By Cathy Iconis | September 5, 2019

Reconciliations are one of the most important tasks that bookkeepers can do to confirm that all of the transactions are in the accounting system (QuickBooks Online in this example). I talk about reconciliations a lot in my courses. Today, I wanted to share a portion of the QBO Month End Master Course where I speak…

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What Is A Virtual Bookkeeper?

By Cathy Iconis | August 5, 2019

I recently posted a question in my Facebook group, Build Your Best QBO Practice, that inspired me to write this article about “What is a virtual bookkeeper?” What Does a Bookkeeper Do? It depends. Not the answer you were hoping for? Well, a good bookkeeper will ask you about your business and your pain points…

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Managing Restricted Grants in QuickBooks Online

By Megan Genest Tarnow | June 12, 2019

QuickBooks Online is an effective and affordable tool for nonprofit organizations to manage restricted grants. Megan Genest Tarnow walks us through how to setup restricted grants in QuickBooks Online.

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QuickBooks Online Accountant Training Resources

QuickBooks Online Accountant Training

By Cathy Iconis | May 23, 2019

Let’s talk about all the QuickBooks Online accountant training resources out there, both free and paid training to help you become a QBO master.

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QuickBooks Cleanup Tip: Avoid Deleting Transactions

By Cathy Iconis | April 12, 2019

Today’s QuickBooks Online Cleanup Tip is simple, avoid deleting transactions – just stop it! But, you may be asking yourself, why? We’ve got the answer for you.

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