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Selecting An App For Your QuickBooks Integration

By Cathy Iconis | April 5, 2019

If you’re a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, accountant, bookkeeper or business owner and want more usability through Quickbooks integration, this article is for you.

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"How to Improve Your Invoicing Process" Text Overlay on image of financial document

How to Improve Your Invoicing Process

By Cathy Iconis | March 18, 2019

Invoicing is a big deal in business. This is how a business communicates what is owed and can get paid! Small businesses need money, right?! But, it can also end up being a big pain point for businesses and their owners. I’m here to help you figure out how to make your invoicing process a…

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Small Business Bootcamp: Bank Reconciliations

By Halon Tax | January 7, 2019

Bank reconciliations are super easy to do, and Halon Tax will show you how to perform a bank rec step by step.

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Different Business Structures & Your Tax Bill

Different Business Structures & Your Tax Bill

By Halon Tax | January 2, 2019

Halon Tax helps you find the best tax structure for your business.

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How to Navigate the QuickBooks Online Dashboard

By Cathy Iconis | September 7, 2018

QuickBooks Online Dashboard for Accountants When you log in to QuickBooks Online, you may be overwhelmed with the homepage or dashboard. There is some great information in the middle about how the business is operating, but I’m going to show you how to navigate through all the other parts of the QuickBooks Online dashboard. Having…

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Exploring the QBOA Accountant Toolbox

By Cathy Iconis | September 4, 2018

How to Use The Accountant Toolbox in QuickBooks Online As a QBOA (QuickBooks Online Accountant) user, you get access to some extra features and tools that regular users just don’t have. One of those features is the accountant toolbox. When you are logged in to QuickBooks Online, the accountant toolbox is the briefcase on the…

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Understanding Unapplied Cash Payment Income & Unapplied Cash Bill Payment Expenses

By Cathy Iconis | August 8, 2018

We’ve got the answers to why you have the Unapplied Cash Payment Income and Unapplied Cash Bill Payment Expense accounts on your QuickBooks Online report. Where did they come from? Why is QuickBooks Online making the transaction? How do I fix it?

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QuickBooks Online Month End Close Process

By Cathy Iconis | July 16, 2018

Over the years, I created a process for my month end work utilizing QuickBooks Online, since I’m a 100% QBO shop. It has helped me streamline my procedures, which has made me more efficient.

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What is the best choice for mailing QuickBooks customer invoices?

By Docusend | May 16, 2018

As of June 30th, QuickBooks Billing Solutions no longer provides mailing services as an option for their users. The best choice for mailing QuickBooks customer documents is DocuSend powered by MTI. DocuSend is a web-based service for managing and distributing customer invoices and documents. It is simple, fast, easy to use and works seamlessly with…

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Customizing QuickBooks Online for a Nonprofit

By QBOchat | March 20, 2018

I get asked all the time, “Can I use QuickBooks Online for a nonprofit?” My answer is always, absolutely! You just need a little prep work and proper setup.

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